“Tae used to work as an intern. He is a quick learning who is always eager for new challenges. He is determined to excel in areas which he is good at and takes keen interest in. Because of this, we agreed to his request for sponsorship right away. As a company, we always strive to be more than just another business. We want to contribute to the society in the ways that we can. For this project, we have been fortunate to contribute by sponsoring spare parts, equipment and training for volunteers.”



Petcharavej hospital is a general large-sized private hospital, providing medical services and supporting the government’s policy in promoting healthcare in nearby communities. The hospital dispatches quarterly mobile medical units to educate the public on basic healthcare, disease prevention, and screening for Metabolic Conditions. In July 2017, the hospital’s Planning and Business Development Division was contacted by Mr. Pasapas Uahwatanasakul, who was a volunteer with our mobile medical unit in the past. Mr. Pasapas presented his idea of changing the attitude of the people in the community by teaching them how to fix bicycles through his project titled “New Cycles”. After internal consideration, the hospital deems this project highly beneficial, as it will not only help encourage the local community to engage in productive activities, but will also promote a healthy lifestyle. Young people in the community would be spending their time on meaningful activities. The hospital therefore decided to assist in facilitating communication and coordination with the Bueng Rama 9 Pattana Bor 2 Community and have received very positive response from the people.


“Tae is a student whom I have known for a long time. I am proud to see his initiative, his leadership potential, and his desire to contribute to the society. EPA therefore helps gather volunteer youths to take part in Tae’s project, because we believe that education does not limit inside the walls of the classroom. Being a good citizen requires not only academic knowledge, but also high moral standards and a sharing and caring attitude,” – Pornthep Srisuthiyan, CEO of EPA Academy


“The hotel has received the project proposal from Mr. Pasapas Uahwatanasakul. Bangkok Palace Hotel has always allocated our yearly budget for volunteerism activities and have previously worked with Mr. Pasapas on many projects, such as a charity futsal tournament in 2016. We believe the New Cycles project is very interesting, and will contribute to the Bueng Rama 9 Community, leading to career development of the people for a better future,” – Food and Nutrition Manager, Bangkok Palace Hotel.